You will hear a question. Please give a simple and short answer. Often just one or a few words is enough.


‘Do not pause for too long when you answer the question.’

‘Do not try to give a long answer.’

Start your answer as soon as the Recording Status box changes to ‘Recording’. If you wait longer than three seconds, you will lose your opportunity to answer and the recording will move on to the next question. 

This task type is not individually timed. You must click ‘Next’ to move to the next task after you have given your response. The timer for the Speaking section will continue running, so once the microphone closes, click ‘Next’ and move on.

Follow the instructions and only give a short answer. The answer will usually not include words in the question. Listen carefully to the whole question. Listen for the question word. e.g. who, what, how

Remember that you will do 10- 12 tasks of this type. Keep your concentration as you move through the questions. Don’t pause in the middle of your answer for more than three seconds. If you do so, the recording will move on to the next question and your answer will be incomplete.