• Have a surety of acquiring the required level of English to make it best for the test. It is one of the major eligibility for cracking the test. You must also check with the timings and pattern of the exam.
  • Avoid being in a haste. Reach the exam venue before time.
  • Mark the grammar while attempting the test. Missing any one part of them can make you lose your scores.
  • Don’t be repetitive. Avoid using the similar words again and again. Be very loud and clear with your answers.
  • You can have negative points for any of your wrong answers. So be very assured of the answers before you choose to click.



  • Take notes while doing listening section and assure that you have noted both main ideas followed by supporting arguments that will typically assist you to create your own response in good way and hence fetch you high marks.
  • Just watch a lot of English videos or series and try to understand.
  • Things that you should consider while making notes include:
    1. Use your own words.
    2. Hit important dates, places, names, things or quotes etc.
    3. Adjust the data in the style that you would be able to understand later.
    4. Keep the notes neat and simple so as to avoid any confusion while responding.
    5. If you skip something, do not try to recall it, rather move to the next point.
    6. No need to decorate the information as you will not be given marks in this.
    7. Include set of symbols to save your time while indicating the information where you need be more attentive. e.g., @,$,&,*, etc.
    8. Use only first alphabet of the name or anything that is being iterated 4-5 times. E.g: if there is a conversation between Sam and Tony, use “T” for Tony and “S” for Sam.
    9. You can also use shortcut spellings for the popular words like “Del” for Delhi, “imp” for Important, “dt” for date etc.

    While preparing notes, you will easily get some idea about what could be asked by the examiner. Further, your brain also becomes familiar to the informed matter that would help you to respond to the questions quickly. You can relate the points and the incidents as you have also written them while listening. This technique saves your time and also gives you a confidence that would really help you to grab more marks.Note down the specific information only.


  • Speak confidently(not loudly) in speaking section. While speaking, try to respond quickly and hence keep on speaking. Microphone will stop recording automatically after 3 seconds of calm. The participants will be provided with 10 to 40 seconds as per their task so as to look as well as understand the text prior to begin with recording process.
  • Fluency is the most important skill to speaking section of PTE, ability to read a text accurately, quickly, and with expression. Even if you are not aware about the topic, don’t let your flow to break. Keep speaking about what you know.
  • Make your voice audible by speaking at a good volume but keep your pitch normal. Speaking too low or in a hurry reflects your lack of confidence and that can affect your score.
  • Make sure you read the sentences the way British/American people do – there should be clear difference in your tone(high/low pitch) or intonation, when you are reading a question verses when you are reading a sentence which ends with a full stop.
  • Time is key to the speaking section of PTE. Completing your task before or well in time makes you score well. Keep going even if you have made a mistake.
  • There are so many videos in youtube explaining how to describe graphs. Practice them. Record your responses time & again in your mobile/laptop and see which places you are struggling the most. Have a recorder app in your mobile. Record the speech every day. Play it on Google dictation software and see what Google interprets you.


  • Develop your vocabulary and grammar skills to help you tide over reading sections easily.
  • During reading section, employ text boxes and prompts which found along with the text in various tasks cautiously to receive an idea on what the text deals about. This will assist you to obtain prime idea of in-depth text.
  • In this you have to manage time and try to spend only 1 to 2 min for choosing single and multiple type only because if you spend more time on this you may miss the last questions which carry heavy marks ,Secondly in multiple type it select only what you feel is right don’t select those options in which you have dilemma or you are confused as it has negative marking .
  • Focus on fill in the blanks and selecting from blocks as these have good marks content.
  • Don’t forget to keep a watch on the remaining time and number of questions left in the upper right hand side corner of your screen.
  • Read aloud lot of news online like TOI or MSN etc. It will help you to read faster and also improve your speaking skills.


  • While trying hard to achieve good score for writing tasks, employ suitable punctuations, full stops, capital letters, and commas. When you are asked for summarizing the text then assure your response should like within 5-75 words. However, responses more than 75 words and less than 5 worlds will not be scored.
  • Try to write in your own words by paraphrasing the words and sentences.
  • When writing an essay, choose the main topic, areas one ought to concentrate upon as well as any particular point of view which you asked to do. Ensure that the word limit should be within 200 to 300 words.
  • Please add some examples in essay as they briefs your idea.
  • Clarity in your thoughts give a glimpse into the understanding and your thought process. By organizing your ideas logically you show your capability of understanding and it conveys your message without giving any mental strain and that is the key to score higher marks.