Look at the graph below. In 25 seconds, please speak into the microphone and describe in detail what the graph is showing. You will have 40 seconds to give your response.


‘Focus on the main information in the image.’

‘Organize your description of the image.’

Look at the image carefully and make sure you understand what it shows. If you have a graph, look closely a both axes. If there are two graphs or charts, this means you have to make comparisons. Look for the most significant similarities and differences.

Look at the overall idea or pattern and make sure you describe that. When a graph gives information on large numbers or quantities, make sure you say these correctly.

You cannot always describe every point on a graph. Look at the trend. If it is quite steady, describe what it shows overall and only highlight significant differences.

If you have a diagram of a process, start by describing the different parts or elements of the process and then move on to describing the process itself.

EXERCISE-1 (Bar Graph)

EXERCISE-2 (Pie Chart)

EXERCISE-3 (Line graph)