1 There are two main way to pay in shop, one by cash and other by ? Credit Card
2 How many days are in a leap year ? 366
3 To improve their health and fitness, most people either try to improve their diet or  ? do more physical exercise
4 Would it be better to use kilometers or kilograms to measure the distance between two cities  ? Kilometers
5 The large island just off the coast of mainland Europe is home to which country  ? The United Kingdom
6 Would it be better to go jogging at noon, or in early morning, if you wanted to avoid hottest part of the day  ? early morning
7 In which century did the automobile manufacture in large scale  ? 20th Century
8 Name the country located in North america ? United States
9 Some calendar begin the week on Sunday. What is the other day which commonly start as week  ? Monday
10 Where would you see the exhibits of dinosaurs ? A Museum
11 Which country is in the southern hemisphere, Canada or Australia  ? Australia
12 In which season people will be least likely to go skiing  ? In summer
13 Which of these was last to be explored, Himalayas, the moon or Australia  ? the moon
14 Would letter or email would be the fastest way to get a message to your professor  ? Email
15 Jane and Peter have 3 children. They are 4, 13 & 15 years old. They only have one son, who is their  youngest child. How old is their middle child ? 13 years old
16 Which would be better to report the population of a major global city – hundred, millions or  billions Millions
17 This work is due for submission, one month from 15th June, on what date it be submitted  ? 15th July
18 Who would you consult to treat a fear of crowded places, a philosopher or psychologist  ? a psychologist
19 How would most people travel to work each day, in big cities like Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York  ? by public transportation
20 Would a supermarket, a cafe or bookstore probably have the widest range of products available? a supermarket
21 In which room of their home would someone usually wash their clothes  ? in the bathroom
22 Despite all the advances in equality between the sexes, would more men or women play professional football? more men
23 Which major branch of science deals with classification of human beings  ? biology
24 In most university courses there are two ways of being assessed, one is orally, the other is  through written assignments
25 Name the month that falls between September and November  ? October
26 Would a town, city or village probably cover the largest area  ? a city
27 Which of these would probably be found in most homes around the world, a computer, a bed or a tv  ? a bed
28 What does the main difference between the wrist watch and a clock relate to  ? their relative sizes
29 Which section of the train timetable will tell you, what time the train leaves  ? Departures
23 What do we call the list of steps, which tell you to put something together  ? Instructions
31 What do we call the meeting, where an employer ask potential employee questions about their work experience? Interview
32 What desk you go to when you first arrive to the hotel ? Reception or Check in desk
33 What is the job title, someone who designs  building Architect
34 What term is used for the amount you pay to landlord, for living in his house or apartment? Rent
35 What do we call a first meal of the day ? Breakfast
36 What word is used for someone who watches the sport event ? Spectator
37 What object will you use to climb up to the roof of the house  ? Ladder
38 If you don’t feel like eating, what do we say you don’t have ? appetite
39 What do we call the organ in our chest, we need to breath ? Lungs
40 If someone lives in the urban areas, where do they live  ? in city
41 What does the king or queen wear on their head on official ceremonies  ? Crown
42 What do we call the book with list of words, with their meanings  ? Dictionary
43 What is the source of solar energy ? Sun
44 When the writer of the book is unknown, what word we use for the writer  ? anonymous
45 What do we called a company or organisation that gives money to sports event in exchange of  advertising ? Sponsorship
46 What do we called a study of living things ? biology
47 What a winter, spring, summer and autumn ? Season
48 What is the collective terms for cows and bulls, specially on the farm  ? a herd of cattle
49 If something is not expensive, what do we say it is ? Cheap
50 What a people wear, if they can’t see very well ? Glasses or Lens



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