1. Sample Topic 1

With growing internationalization, will English lose its dominance?

Model Answer

Due to advances in technology and globalization, the world has become connected and reachable. English is most widely spoken language across the world. However, there are predictions that like Latin, English will lose its global dominance.
For decades, English is used widely for all the economic, technological and political dealings between the countries. Travelers travelling across the world rely on English. Moreover, increasing number of schools has English as a compulsory subject in addition to their native language. Thus increase in the number of non native English speakers throughout the world. In developing countries such as India and Sri Lanka amongst many others give English language is given more importance. Those who cannot speak fluent English are often looked down upon.
On the other hand, countries like Japan and China (who is also the world’s greatest population) are creating a strong mark in the global economic market. All of these countries give utmost importance to their cultures and thus still have not accepted English as a first language. Therefore, those who countries who want to be economically connected to these countries must either have interpreters or learn their language. Many native English speakers are now learning Hindi and Chinese as an optional language.
In my opinion, I feel English has been accepted as a language of international communication will never lose its supremacy but will evolve where new words from other languages are borrowed and accepted – making it a global language.


2. Sample Topic 2

Do you think consumer should avoid over packed products or it is responsibility of producer to avoid extra packaging of products? Give your views or any relevant example with your own experience.

Model Answer

Right packaging ensures that the products are used when required without any wastage. Packaging industry is highly competitive industry – that is bringing about packaging solutions for all types and different sectors of industries.

For example, food industry has understood the success right packing can bring and has gone to the extent to pack their food in trays and in boxes of different shapes and sizes to match that of food. It is not only user friendly but many consumers claim that is delicious. Further, research suggests that aesthetic appeal of packaged products makes consumer overlook the health risks packaged food can incur. Thus, increases the overall value of the item and makes higher sales. However, they tend to overlook that they spend more than they would otherwise just due to the way it is packed.

After climate change impacts, several manufacturers now claim that use recyclable and recycled products for packaging. Yet, several items such as vegetables and fruits in supermarkets are packed in plastics (which are not required) is a threat to environment.  Thus, in my opinion, it is the producers must ensure that over packaging is avoided whereas consumers must dispose these items in the right way or re-use if possible to curb the environmental damage.


3. Sample Topic 3

“The only thing that interfere with my learning is my education”- Einstein. What does he mean by that? And do you think he is correct?

Model Answer

‘The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education’ said Einstein. Like operating system sets up the way the computer will function, education sets up our brain. Most of our actions and thoughts are a result of our education system. Unfortunately, this hinders creativity and creates barriers between right and wrong.

Einstien was a school drop-out as he was not able to learn what was taught at school. Everyone called him a failure and stupid before he made his inventions. This is the same way we treat our children when they do not perform well at school. We often fail to understand their condition and scold them. But we must understand some children are god gifted and have in born knowledge and talent. Sometimes they bring a fresh perspective or a new mind-set to subjects which can be different from the regular regime. Instead of shutting them down, we must give them free space where they can express themselves and their energy.

Instead of producing robots at schools, the education system must be made flexible so enough importance is given to creativity and thought. The madness and passion that Einstein had to invent something new is important. Children with these traits must be encouraged.


4. Sample Topic 4

In education system, assessment through formal written examination still valid?

Model Answer

Whether assessment of an individual via written exam is not enough to test all skills of an individual is an ongoing debate for decades for academicians and educationist.

Relying on what is written in exam cannot prove that the candidate understands everything that is taught. Further, candidates with English as not their first language often struggle with these exams. Moreover, students in India are often taught to memorize answers without understanding. Such practice can gain students high marks but very less understanding. Thus, only a written assignment is not enough to assess the knowledge. Nevertheless, written exams are essential. It is a good indicator to judge if the candidate has read thoroughly and understood. Further, usage of examples from real life situations or remembering it from somewhere read indicates his analyses and application.

Fifteen years in the millennium and the employer’s expectation from prospective employees has risen drastically. They prefer candidates who can multi-task and can work in a team. Thus schools and universities are now adapting other methods of assessment such as group coursework, presentation and experiments amongst others. Such activities will hone their skills in team work but improve their communication skills and help in increasing confidence. Further, having to submit these assignments at different times will teach them time management and aligning their priorities.

In conclusion, I believe written examinations are only valid when clubbed with other methods of assessments.


5. Sample Topic 5

Talk about pros/cons of this era as it is full of daily inventions.

Model Answer

The industrial revolution has spread all over the globe. For over a century now, there has been an increase in the number of new things invented and used. This has affected the world in both good and bad ways.

‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ is a very old adage. Whether it is airplanes to travel distant places or taking a holiday to moon or sending message with a click of a button – anything is possible. Machines are invented to perform various tasks that make our lives easier, some inventions make it better and let us live healthier. Life threatening diseases have now found cures due to advancements in technology and the longevity of humans have increased.

Despite all the benefits of inventions, it has made people overly dependent.  For instance, people cannot stay without their mobile phones for even a day. There has been a change in behaviour when they do not have their phones with them – some say they feel ‘incomplete’ without them. Such dependence often leads to new types of psychological diseases. Further, there has been a steep rise in the technological waste that is having detrimental effects on environment. If this is not curbed or treated carefully, future generations will have to suffer.

In conclusion, there are many inventions that were luxuries when invented but now have become a necessity. With changing climatic conditions and needs of 21st century, it is impossible to lead life without certain inventions.


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