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  1. If the operation of foreign universities is not regulated they are likely to charge the students high fees using their “foreign tag” and offer poor facilities in return.
  2. Students who have low scores and those who cannot afford to study abroad are likely to be exploited by foreign universities if these universities are allowed to operate without regulations.
  3. If foreign universities are to be allowed, their operations must be regulated; otherwise, unscrupulous elements will use the foreign tag to charge high fees even for poor facilities.
  4. The operation of foreign universities must be regulated to prevent the exploitation of students by using their foreign tag to charge high fees for poor facilities.

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2. Sample Text 2


  1. Though more noisy than the combustion engines cars with electric motors deliver more power even without a gearbox; they will replace the combustion engines.
  2. The restrictions on carbon emissions need not make the sports cars extinct as faster electric cars will easily replace them.
  3. Contrary to popular belief that electric cars are slower, they are in fact better and faster than combustion engines.
  4. Contrary to what some people think sports cars will go even faster with electric power.

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3. Sample Text 3


  1. Nutrition is important not only for the formation and development of the brain in the womb, and for the intelligent quotient as a child, but also for the physical well-being in adult life.
  2. Starting in the womb, nutrition affects the child’s brain formation and development. A low baby is more prone to develop cardiovascular disease and diabetes if it gains weight during childhood.
  3. Nutrition affects a child’s brain formation and development. Lack of iodine causes low IQ, whereas low weight babies develop heart disease and diabetes in later life.
  4. Nutrition is important for brain formation and development as well as for the overall health. Iodine can affect the child’s IQ, and low weight at birth can lead to chronic conditions in adult life.

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