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It was in the 1980s that many of us became aware that small (1) actions could harm the planet itself. Hairsprays were cited as one of the causes of the hole in the Antarctic ozone layer. People were told to wear sunscreen to (2)   skin cancer as the layer thinned and more UV light got through. By 1987 world governments had agreed to ban most of the ozone-eating chemicals. The World Meteorological Organisation say at last the ozone layer is (3) signs of thickening, although it will be a while before they know if the hole is actually healing. The same organisation (4)   earlier this week that climate change was heading in the opposite direction with (5) gases in the atmosphere at a record level.

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 1. individual  2. avoid  3. showing  4. warned  5. greenhouse


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Mobile phone alerts, bathroom trips or other interruptions spoil many people’s nightly rest. International guidelines suggest that (1)  should sleep between seven and nine hours every night, but a 2016 University of Mumbai study found that 61 per cent of Indians sleep for less than seven hours.

(2) sleep deprivation isn’t just making us groggy; it can harm our health: Research shows that adults who don’t sleep enough are more likely to be sedentary and obese, and are at greater risk of (3)  , heart disease, depression and common illnesses like cold. “Sleep is so important to physical and mental health,” says Neil Stanley, a sleep researcher in Farnborough, (4)  . “Anything that causes poor sleep on an every-night basis can have associations with risk factors for diabetes, (5)  , depress Fortunately, you don’t have to swear off coffee, rely on sleeping pills or buy a fancy mattress to get a good night’s rest. These (6)  tips may help improve the quality of your slumber.

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 1. adults 2. Chronic 3. diabetes 4. England 5 .obesity 6. offbeat  


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When he arrived at her granny’s cottage, which was only a few minutes later as he  (1)   a short cut, he knocked on the door. And before the poor unfortunate woman realized what  (2)  , the wolf  (3)   into the cottage, grabbed the old lady and gobbled her up in one go, just like that. Then he got into her night clothes, and jumped into the old lady’s bed.  (4)   the little girl’s granny, the wolf now was feeling slightly better, but it was the little girl that the wolf  (5)   forward to really, because, which I think I’ve forgotten to tell you, Ruddy Wee Hoody was rather a plump young girl, and  (6)   to be a bit more nourishing than her old gran, who was to be honest, a bit on the skinny side.

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 1. had taken 2. was happening 3. burst 4. having eaten 5. was looking 6. promised


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