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New technology has led directly to (1) standards of living, yet science tends to follow market forces as well as to (2) them. It is not surprising that the rich get richer in a continuing cycle of (3)  while the poorest are often left behind. A special (4)  should be made by the powerhouses of world science to address the unmet challenges of the poor. Ending (5) poverty can relieve many of the pressures on the environment.

effort     avoid     extreme     visible     improved     practice     growth     dismal     wealth     lead     rigorous 

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 1. improved 2. lead 3. growth 4. effort 5. extreme


2. Sample Text 2

Many parents greet their children’s teenage years with needless dread. While teens (1) assault us with heavy metal music, (2)  outlandish clothes and spend all their time with friends, such behavior always adds up to full-scale revolt teenage rebellion according to psychologist Laurence Steinberg, has been (3)  exaggerated. Sociologist Sanford Dornbusch agrees. “The idea teenagers inevitably rebel is a (4)  that has the potential for a great family ruin,” say Dornbusch.

fact     reality     greatly     may     flaunt     hardly      can     show  

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 1. may 2. flaunt 3.hardly 4. reality


3. Sample Text 3

Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama (1)  the nation in the 22-state nominating contest on Tuesday, (2)  the Democratic presidential nomination more elusive than ever. Mrs. Clinton (3)  California, Massachusetts, New Jersey and her home state, New York, while Mr. Obama (4)  Connecticut, Georgia, Minnesota and his base in Illinois.

was carving up      won     left     has taken     leaving     was      carved up     took

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 1. carved up 2. leaving  3.won  4. took


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