1. Sample Paragraph 1

 A. Also involved was Christopher Andrew, authorised historian of MI5 and a professor at Corpus Christi College.
 B. The dinner was organised by Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of MI6 and then master of Pembroke College, who was starting up an organisation called the Cambridge Security Initiative (CSI).
 C. The guest of honour at the dinner – which had around a dozen or so attendees – was Flynn, then head of America’s Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).
 D. The story begins with a dinner in February 2014 in Cambridge.
 E. The aim was to build a relationship between CSI and DIA ahead of a conference the following year, says Lokhova.

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 D, B, A, C, E

2. Sample Paragraph 2

 A. “I grew up in Israel; at the time, classical portraits weren’t taught in schools,” he said.
 B. “I then thought, how could I call myself a painter if I can’t paint a portrait? Painting a portrait is a big responsibility. “
 C. Ozeri actually started out as an abstract painter with a preference for a figurative style of depiction.
 D. Ozeri’s portraits take months to finish so he usually works from photographs, and he always chooses female subjects.
 E. “When I was 32 years old I went to the Prado for the first time and I saw the Las Meninas piece, and it was shocking.”

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 C, A, E, B, D

3. Sample Paragraph 3

 A.  Clearly, a number of factors have contributed to its remarkable appearance.
 B. The result is a unique story of land collisions and erosions, and of rising and falling water levels.
 C. Experts who have analysed the rock formations say that, historically. it goes back nearly two billion years.
 D. Anyone who has ever visited the Grand Canyon will agree that it is one of the most incredible Sights in the world.
 E. The geological processes that have taken place since then are exposed for everyone to see, not hidden beneath vegetation or a fast-flowing water course.

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D, A, C, E, B

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