1. That which cannot be avoided Inevitable
2. A position for which no salary is paid Honorary
3. That which cannot be defended Indefensible
4. Practice of having several wives Polygamy
5. Practice of having several husbands Polyandry
6. Practice of having one wife or husband Monogamy
7. Practice of having two wives or husbands Bigamy
8. That which is not likely to happen Improbable
9. People living at the same time Contemporaries
10. A book published after the death of its author Posthumas
11. A book written by an unknown author Anonymous
12. A life history written by oneself Autobiography
13. A life history written by somebody else Biography
14. People who work together Colleagues
15. One who eats too much Glutton
16. That which cannot be satisfied Insatiable
17. One who questions everything Cynic
18. A flesh eating animal Carnivorous
19. A grass eating animal Herbivorous
20. One who lives in a foreign country Immigrant
21. To transfer one’s authority to another Delegate
22. One who is a newcomer Neophyte
23. That which is lawful Legal
24. That which is against law Illegal
25. One who is unmarried Celibate
26. A game in which no one wins Draw
27. A study of man Anthropology
28. A study of races Ethnology
29. A study of the body Physiology
30. A study of animals Zoology
31. A study of birds Ornithology
32. A study of ancient things Archaeology
33. A study of derivation of words Etymology
34. Murder of a human being Homicide
35. Murder of a father Patricide
36. Murder of a mother Matricide
37. Murder of an brother Fratricide
38. Murder of an infant Infanticide
39. Murder of self Suicide
40. Murder of the king Regicide
41. To free somebody from all blame Exonerate
42. To write under a different name Pseudonym
43. A thing no longer in use Obsolete
44. A handwriting that cannot be read Illegible
45. Words written on the tomb of a person Epitaph
46. One who is greedy for money Avaricious
47. Something that cannot be imitated Inimitable
48. One who doesn’t know how to read and write Illiterate
49. A person’s peculiar habit Idiosyncrasy
50. An animal who preys on other animals Predator



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