1. Sample Question 1


What is the main purpose of the program?

A. It is required of all science majors.
B. It will never be shown again.
C. It can help viewers improve their memory skills.
D. It will help with course work.

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2. Sample Question 2


Which of the following reflects the main thrust of the passage?

A. It deals with the importance of the army in maintaining law and order.
B. It highlights role of the police as superior to that of the army.
C. It discusses the roles of the army and the police in different circumstances.
D. It points to the responsibility of the Minister and the Inspector General of Police.

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3. Sample Question 3


The fact that Edward Jenner was a country doctor, was important in the discovery of smallpox vaccine, because

A. He had enough time to pursue his research in the rural areas.
B. He noticed that the disease was prevalent where people worked around cattle.
C. He noticed that the disease seldom struck people who worked around the cattle.
D. He found that he could convince rural people more easily than city people.

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