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1. Sample Text 1

The (1) of the tiny island exist on fishing, subsistence farming, handicraft, and postage stamps. The fertile soil of the valleys produces a wide (2) of fruits and vegetables, including citrus, sugarcane, watermelons, bananas, yams, and beans. Bartering is an (3) part of the economy. The major sources of revenue are the sale of postage stamps to collectors and the sale of handicraft to passing (4) .It has no port or natural  harbor, and supplies must be transported by rowed long boats from larger ships stationed (5).

important      crucial     variety     dwellers     offshore     types     coast     motor-boats     inhabitants    ships     

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 1. inhabitants 2. variety  3. important  4. ships 5. offshore


2. Sample Text 2

When impoverished households are less (1)  on their farms, for example, they face less pressure to cut down neighbouring forests in (2)  of new farmland. Still, even as extreme poverty ends, we must not fuel prosperity with a lack of (3)  for industrial pollution and the (4)  burning of fossil fuels.

repeated     search     unchecked     meticulous     dependent     expectation     mobility     concern

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 1. dependent 2. search 3.concern 4. unchecked


3. Sample Text 3

Twenty years (1) now, nearly 60% of the world’s population will live in urban areas. The impact of urbanization might not all be positive on India’s as urban expansion is happening at a much (2) . rate than infrastructure expansion. Sustainability issues need to be (3)  so that economic development is not at the (4)  of public health.

quick     expense     faster     till     considered     was     charge     from

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 1. from 2. faster 3. considered  4. expense 



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