1. Sample Paragraph 1

 A. “I’m still surprised,” said principal of a Helsinki comprehensive school.
 B. Three years later, they led in math.
 C. The transformation of the Finns’ education system began some 40 years ago.
 D. Educators had little idea it was so successful until 2000, when the first results from the Programme for International Student Assessment.
 E. By 2006, Finland was first out of 57 countries (and a few cities) in science.

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 C, D, B, E, A

2. Sample Paragraph 2

 A. But McNerney was no neurobiologist.
 B. The book was Jonah Lehrer’s how We Decide and the epiphany was that consciousness could reside in the brain.
 C. He was a twenty-year-old philosophy major at Hamilton College.
 D. In January 2010, while driving from Chicago to Minneapolis, Sam McNerney played an audio book and had an epiphany.
 E. The quest for an empirical understanding of consciousness has long preoccupied neurobiologists.

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 D, B, E, A, C

3. Sample Paragraph 3

 A.  However, while reading, they would not know when to pause and what to emphasise.
 B. In earlier days, people learnt by reading out loud.
 C. Thus, firmer guidelines regarding punctuations were framed so that everyone used them in a similar way.
 D. To address this problem, various signs depicting various punctuations were introduced.
 E. But not everybody used the same punctuations for the same thing.
 F. Since then, their use has been regularized and the punctuation rules have been followed by all.

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 B, A, D, E, C, F


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