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The idea of the documentary was (1)  by Anubhav in the year 2007 while he was (2) to his undergraduate course at the Western International University, New Delhi, India as a possible (3) for an annual inter-university competition for SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) (4)   his institution rejected his (5)  on account of non-feasibility. Since then he is independently working on this documentary and has (6)  interviewed famous personalities from all walks of life.

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 1. conceived , 2. attending , 3. entry , 4. but , 5. proposal , 6. already


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The RBI Governor also stressed the need to (1)  up the banking system of distressed assets so that it is in a position to fund growth again. To improve the environment of the financial sector, Dr Rajan, elaborated on four aspects; the need to (2)  and innovation, create a hospitable environment to those who don’t belong to the club, improve structures for dealing with  (3)  said Dr. Rajan. Regulatory forbearance, where RBI (4)  its rules on classifying bad loans, only makes it easy for banks to extend and pretend. It is not a solution.

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 1. clean, 2. foster, 3. distress, 4. softens


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It is one thing to (1)   the fears of the ignorant and quite another to instill fear in the minds of the ignorant in an (2)    to try and make political mileage from the situation. The project is in national interest. GAIL is not a private commercial institution or “corporation” but a public sector undertaking well (3)   of its commitments. It has people who are qualified to decide whether the laying of pipes will (4)   the quality of farm soil or the quantity of crop yield. Consciously not acknowledging these factors, politicians of all hues are now crying foul. We must also learn to (5)   a considered court verdict.

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 1. address, 2. attempt, 3. aware , 4. harm, 5. respect



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