1. One who is out to subvert a government Anarchist
2. One who is recovering from illness Convalescent
3. One who is all powerful Omnipotent
4. One who is present everywhere Omnipresent
5. One who knows everything Omniscient
6. One who is easily deceived Gullible
7. One who does not make mistakes Infallible
8. One who can do anything for money Mercenary
9. One who has no money Pauper
10. One who changes sides Turncoat
11. One who works for free Volunteer
12. One who loves books Bibliophile
13. One who can speak two languages Bilingual
14. One who loves mankind Philanthropist
15. One who hates mankind Misanthrope
16. One who looks on the bright side of things Optimist
17. One who looks on the dark side of things Pessimist
18. One who doubts the existence of god Agnostic
19. One who pretends to be what he is not Hypocrite
20. One incapable of being tired Indefatigable
21. One who helps others Good Samaritan
22. One who copies from other writers Plagiarist
23. One who hates women Misogynist
24. One who knows many languages Polyglot
25. One who is fond of sensuous pleasures Epicure
26. One who thinks only of himself Egoist
27. One who thinks only of welfare of women Feminist.
28. One who is indifferent to pleasure or pain Stoic
29. One who is quite like a woman Effeminate
30. One who has strange habits Eccentric
31. One who speaks less Reticent
32. One who goes on foot Pedestrian
33. One who believes in fate Fatalist
34. One who dies without a Will Intestate
35. One who always thinks himself to be ill Valetudinarian
36. A Government by the people Democracy
37. A Government by a king or queen Monarchy
38. A Government by the officials Bureaucracy
39. A Government by the rich Plutocracy
40. A Government by the few Oligarchy
41. A Government by the Nobles Aristocracy
42. A Government by one Autocracy
43. Rule by the mob Mobocracy
44. That through which light can pass Transparent
45. That through which light cannot pass Opaque
46. That through which light can partly pass Translucent
47. A sentence whose meaning is unclear Ambiguous
48. A place where orphans live Orphanage
49. That which cannot be described Indescribable
50. That which cannot be imitated Inimitable



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