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This graph shows the growth of the population in Canada from 1978 to 2009. There are three graphs in the chart. The green graph shows the total growth of the population, the black one deals with the migrated people in Canada and the blue graph shows the natural increase of the population. In 1988/89 there was an enormous growth. In the following years the total growth went down to about 250,000 in 1998/99. From that time on the Canadian population has been gradually growing again although the natural increase slows down. So we can say that the growth of the population in Canada is based on migration.


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The line graph shows the amount of visits received by two music websites, Music Choice and Pop Parade, in a period of 15 days. Pop Parade visits at day 1 accounted as 120k, much higher than Music Choice, with only a third of the visits (40k). At day 3, Pop Parade registered a steady decline in visits, but still more than the ones received by Music Choice, which reached a peak of 60k visits. Overall, it is clear that the most visited website is Pop Parade, but for few days the trend was switched.


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The graph compares the rate of smoking between men and women in Someland between the years 1960 and 2000. Since 1960, the rate of smoking in men is gradually decreasing. It had dropped to 250 by 2000. In contrast, the rate of smoking in women in 1960 was very low at only 80 in every 1,000. It increased till 1975 but since then it has been declining. It had dropped to 200 by 2000. In conclusion, though the rate of smoking in men dropped throughout the whole period but it was always at a higher level than the female figures.



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