1. Sample Topic 1

Nowadays TV has become an essential part of life. Medium to spread news & awareness and for some it acts like a companion. What is your opinion about this?

Model Answer

Television, for decades have been an important part of our life. It is a great way to share news and awareness about society, economic and political issues amongst many others. Nowadays, there are niche TV channels for all age groups – educational channels makes information fun and easy to remember for children, TV series such as Friends or Game of thrones is favourite pastime amongst youth and sports and news channels for adults. Television is definitely a great medium of learning and entertainment but is stealing away family time.

The educational and interactive channels are a great medium to learn for children but more than often they prefer watching their favourite cartoon. In addition, children prefer watching TV over playing in the park with their friends. This has not only affected their health but also has made them socially averse. Not only children, but this has affected adults as well – most couples and families spend their evenings and weekends watching television which in turn has increased insecurity in relationships.

Certainly, I am not against watching television, but it should be in consideration and time limit. Doing anything too much does more harm than good and so is the case with watching TV. Furthermore, we should monitor what we or children are watching as it has strong impacts on an individual’s behaviour and thinking patterns.


2. Sample Topic 2

The environment we are living in is in danger due to various problems…so who do u think should be responsible to solve it? Is it the governments, organisation or each individual?

Model Answer

Adverse effects of global warming are seen in form of depletion of ozone layer and climate change has led to increase in the rate of disasters. Uneven rainfall, cyclones, droughts, heat and cold waves have affected the lives of people in several ways. We cannot blame or make one entity responsible to solve the issues of environment. Working as a team we can achieve more. However, government can legislate and enforce the environment friendly behaviour of individuals and organisations by law.

For example, gas and electricity which is usually provided by government must be produced using renewable sources of energy such as solar and hydro power. Further stricter laws must be enforced to reduce the emissions from industries and discarding toxic waste in a nature friendly manner. Government must ensure that students in schools and universities understand the threat possessed by increasing pollution and are encouraged to use recyclable products. Moreover, more funds must be spent in R&D to reduce toxic waste. Furthermore, organisations and government together can introduce programs where they plant trees. However, making laws is just one part of the coin –execution is even more important.

Such vast scale initiatives cannot be completed by an entity in itself. In my opinion, I believe governments, organisations and individuals are equally responsible to solve the problem.


3. Sample Topic 3

We should spend money on space research and travel or should resolve earth problems.

Model Answer

Economists and environmentalist often claim money should be spent on resolving problems of earth rather than space research. If we had such attitude, there would have been no America and the lives of people would not have been so easy.

Space research is a very interesting subject. Scientists for decades are trying to find traces of life on other planets. Others are interested to know about the formation and number of stars, planets and galaxies. Many governments, companies are investing heavily to find more about space.

Undoubtedly, this inquisitive nature of human has undoubtedly led to many discoveries and inventions which improved our lives. However it has also increased pollution and has adversely affected environment on Planet Earth. Depleting ozone layer of the atmosphere and climate change has increased the number of disasters have affected millions. If this is not controlled, the future generations will have to pay a heavy price.

On one hand we have Earth is ever changing – from Ice age to Stone Age to today. On the other, curious researchers are spending exorbitant amount on space research. In my opinion, it will be interesting if researchers can find a way to solve the problems of earth from space technology.


4. Sample Topic 4

The claim that animals have rights has been subjected as a matter of debate since the 1970s. Are zoos helping or hurting our animals? Should zoos be banned? Do you agree or disagree.

Model Answer

For several years, it has been argued that animals have rights. This was further claimed by not-for-profit organsiations such as PETA. For over half a century, there is a constant debate about the existence of zoos. A major concern is to understand if zoos are helping or hurting animals. Many claim that zoos should be made illegal.

Every major city has a zoo that has several species of animals. On one hand, it is advantageous for humans as it not only becomes a medium of income but also entertainment where many families bring their children to familiarise themselves with these creatures. While we gasp in awe, these animals are caged in a limited area which is not enough for them. More than often zoos do not provide animals with their natural environment facility which affects their health seriously. For example, species that are meant to live in colder places are transported to zoos that are in hotter and dry areas which they cannot acclimatize to easily. Furthermore, the pollution of city affects the longevity of these animals.

In my opinion, it is similar to the idea where humans are put in the jails without committing any crime and I strongly believe that zoos should be banned completely. However, animals in sanctuaries where they are close to their habitat and have enough space to move around should be encouraged. This will not only give them freedom to live, but also help them to lead a happy and healthy life – which is their right.


5. Sample Topic 5

Large shopping malls are replacing small shops. Your opinion – good or bad?

Model Answer

Due to westernization and globalization, the concept of shopping malls is now widely accepted and appreciated amongst people. Shopping malls are big shops where individuals can buy everything under one roof – from clothing to shoes; from home utilities to office accessories; and food, gaming zone and cinema halls for entertainment.

All the major cities have these shopping malls. Families and individuals prefer malls over small shops as it is a one stop destination for their needs. Further, exciting deals and offers on items make consumers too difficult to resist. Not only does it give consumers many options to choose from it makes the shopping experience a lot more fun than before.

However, it has had a strong impact on the small scale shop owners as everyone prefers going to malls for shopping. For example, a small grocery shop at the corner of the street might not have all international brands of sauces and chocolates to pick from. Thus, those shops are used for daily errands. People are more aware about the brands and thus avoid buying brand-free items. Such mentality has made it difficult for the new start ups to penetrate the market as they generally have low capital to advertise and develop a brand image.

In conclusion, small shops have lost value and thus consumers of the past few years. However, understanding the competitive markets and the needs of the localites’– they should have products to suit their demands so that people choose their shops reliably.


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