1. Sample Question 1


What does speaker say about crop circles?

A. Aliens made them
B. They are human made
C. They are natural
D. They cannot be cloned
E. They have been duplicated

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2. Sample Question 2


Which of the following are false statements about the Hawaiian Islands?

A. No tourist who visits Hawaii will be able to drive safely, because there are no traffic lights.
B. Hawaii is not an American city, but it comprises many islands which in turn comprise cities.
C. The island of Molokai is very far away from Honolulu, the state capitol, that’s why its population is very low.
D. The locals from the Hawaiian Islands are having problems dealing with the extreme heats.
E. Hawaii is not near mainland United States, but this does not keep it from being a place full of contrasts.

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3. Sample Question 3


Which of the following statements are true foe Cathy Freeman?

A. was the first aboriginal to win
B. won in her home country.
C. won many gold medals
D. won a defense of her title

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