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1. Sample Text 1

Women have (1)   made progress in the corporate workplace but certainly not as much as they had (2)   . We have new laws, rules and (3)   relating to women in the workplace, but what we have not changed much is the male (4)  . Women have fallen short in their goals because we respect the potency of the male need to (5)   their power.

expected     activities     perhaps     hatred     policies     undoubtedly     maintain     absolve     behaviour

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 1. perhaps 2. expected 3. policies 4. behaviour  5. maintain


2. Sample Text 2

The tea plant, a native of Southern China, was known  (1)   very early times in Chinese botany and medicine. It is resorted in the classics  (2)   the various names of Tou, Tseh, Chung, Kha and Ming and was  (3)   praised for possessing the virtues of  (4)   fatigue, delighting the soul, strengthening the will and repairing the eyesight.

highly     under     absorbing     from     relieving     rarely     between     after

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 1. from 2. under 3.highly 4. relieving


3. Sample Text 3

But when we looked at the timetable we saw that  (1)    27 wasn’t for  (2)    fifteen minutes. ‘Why don’t we get a  (3)    bus? There’s a 31 in five minutes’, suggested Rachel. ‘But none of  (4)    buses go anywhere near where we want to go.’ I answered, ‘We’ll just have to wait for the next 27’.

next     different     the next     till     second     that     the other     another

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 1. the next 2. another 3. different 4. the other



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