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And when she saw her gran propped up in bed, it was true, she didn’t seem to be quite her usual self. She (1)  her usual night gown alright, and her enormous nightcap. But there was something about her that wasn’t quite right. Her eyes (2)  bigger than normal, and so did her ears, not to mention her enormous hooter. And just as Ruddy Wee Hoody was starting to say something about her gran’s rather large teeth, before she could even get the words out, the wolf (3)  that enough was enough, that he couldn’t keep this up any longer, so he jumped out of bed, remembering a phrase he had read in some nursery rhyme or other, and which (4)  rather appropriate to the occasion. ‘All the better to eat you with’, he snarled Ruddy Wee Hoody was quick to retort: ‘Shouldn’t that be “All the better with which to eat you”?’. ‘Yeah, whatever’, (5)  back the wolf, by now thoroughly fed up with all this constant grammatical criticism, and he quite literally wolfed her down, right there on the spot.

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 1. was wearing , 2. seemed , 3. decided , 4. sounded , 5. snapped  


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This is a recipe that would have been (1)  to all Britons living and working in the Imperial Raj. Indeed the (2)   of Indian cooks, British tastes and exotic foods have made a lasting (3)  on British cuisine right down to the present day. New, strange and exciting ingredients would be used to (4)   ration, a hot and humid climate and unfamiliar cooking facilities would all (5)   to make cooking an even more difficult prospect than it already would have been. However, the results of these intrepid culinary explorers could often be an interesting (6)   of East meets West.

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 1. familiar , 2. combination , 3. impression , 4. try , 5. conspire , 6. mix


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English has without a (1)  become the second language of Europe and the world. European countries which have most successfully assimilated English into daily life are England’s neighbours in Northern Europe: Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and the (2)  of Scandanavia. The situation is so marked that any visitor to the Netherlands will soon be (3)  of the pressure of English on daily life: television, radio and print bring it into every home and the schoolyard (4)  of children; advertisers use it to (5)  up their message, journalists take refuge in it when their home-bred skills fail them. Increasingly one hears the (6)  that Dutch will give way to English as the national tongue within two or three generations.

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 1. doubt , 2. rest , 3. aware , 4. conversation , 5. pep , 6. view



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