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1. Sample Text 1

While I  (1)  home last evening, I met a friend of mine. He  (2)    for me at a bus station hoping that I (3)   there before 6 pm.  My friend Mr. Gupta is a famous writer. He writes short stories and plays. He  (4)   an anthology of poems too. Now he says that he (5)   on a novel.

went    has published     was going      was publishing     writes    would reach      is working      was waiting      reached     worked

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 1. was going 2. was waiting 3. would reach 4. has published  5. is working 


2. Sample Text 2

We can abide  (1)   by the laws and rules we create in order to  (2)   women and equal opportunity in the corporate workplace and still not  (3)  the problems that afflicted and eventually capsized the women’s raft.

partially      mentioned      excessively      judge      overcome      deny      occasionally      assure

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 1. excessively 2. assure 3.overcome


3. Sample Text 3

Trinity College was (1)   by Sir Thomas Pope in 1555. A devout catholic with no surviving children, Thomas Pope saw the Foundation of an Oxford college as a means of  (2)   that he and his family would always be remembered in the prayers and masses of its members. He came from a family of small (3)   in Oxfordshire, trained as a lawyer, and rose rapidly to prominence (4)   Henry VIII.

under    founded     begin      with     ensuring    freeholders    set     landowners      because

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 1. founded 2. ensuring 3. landowners 4. under



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