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1. Sample Text 1

It was not only administered as an internal dose but often  (1)  externally in the form of the paste to (2)    rheumatic pains. The Taoists claimed it (3)   an important  (4)   of the elixir of immortality. The Buddhists used it extensively to prevent drowsiness during  (5)   long hours of meditation.

as    offshoot    applied      their   to    alleviate     these    inserted      recuperate    ingredient

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 1. applied 2. alleviate 3. as 4. ingredient  5. their 


2. Sample Text 2

My friend Rachel and I wanted to visit one of our  (1)   friends, who lived in  (2)   part of town. Where she lives is quite  (3)  from our part of town, lots of trees and parks and so on. So anyway, we walked down to the bottom of the street and waited at the pedestrian crossing, as the bus stop was on  (4)   side of the road. It was one of these crossings where there are (5)   lights for pedestrians and cyclists.

different    another    other    the other

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 1. other 2. another 3. different 4. the other 5. different


3. Sample Text 3

Although Botswana is rich in diamonds, it has high unemployment and stratified socioeconomic classes. In 1999, the nation  (1)   its first budget deficit in 16 years   (2)   of a slump in the international diamond market. Yet Botswana (3)   one of the wealthiest and most stable countries on the (4) 

endures      because      enjoyed      continent      remains      while      suffered

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 1. suffered  2. because  3. remains  4. continent