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The population of the country poses a grim economic situation, for we are not able to(1) it by our own agriculture produce. Besides neutralizing all development efforts, the problem brings  (2) to the community , to the family and individuals. To plan when population growth is unchecked is like building a house where the ground is constantly (3) An argument is put forward that our country is overpopulated. The vast potent resources of the country still lie untapped. It is indeed a pity that our vast resources lie unused. If we are able to  (4) our productive forces ,even double the present population can be  supported Our population problem does not lie (5) in the increase in the number of people  . The real (6) and the menace to the future of us all, lies in the effect of this rapidly increasing population on our ability to provide essentials of life to everyone.

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 1. support , 2. distress , 3. flooded , 4. harness , 5. merely , 6. threat


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The Chinese worked on the Great Wall for over 1700 years. In turn, all emperors who came to power added pieces of the wall to protect their (1)  But the wall was not a solid wall. It was a line of  (2)   barricades. First Emperor Oin wanted a much better barricade to protect his people from the Mongol invaders to the north. He wanted a  (3)  wall 30 feet wide and 50 feet high. First Emperor Qin used peasants, captured enemies, criminals, scholars, and anyone else who irritated him, and put them all to work, building the Great Wall. Labourers were not paid for their work. It was (4)   labour. About 3000 people worked on the wall during the Qin Dynasty. Rocks fell on people ,Walls caved in. Workers died of exhaustion and (5)   Labourers were fed only enough food to keep them alive. There is an old Chinese saying, “Each stone in the wall represents a life lost in the wall’s construction.

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 1. dynasties , 2. disconnected , 3. strong , 4. slave , 5. fever


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All I wanted to (1) was to get an Internet domain name of my own – the part of an e-mail address to the right of the ‘@’ and the part of the World Wide Web address that typically follows www. The problem is that Lewis is a very common name and Lewis.com (2) already taken. So, like millions of Internet users before me, I began looking elsewhere for a domain I could call home – the Internet equivalent of 40 acres, where I  (3) grow electronic mail, raise a small herd of web pages and maybe someday open a little electronic collage industry of my own. It used to be technically difficult for average computer users to get (4) own personal Internet domain names. But if you could figure out how to do it, registering a domain name was free and good names were plentiful. No more / longer ! The Internet is now the world’s fastest growing economy, and the commercialisation of the Internet  (5)  created a frenzy for domain names. An Internet domain name is not just an equivalent of a telephone number and mailing address but also a status symbol.

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 1. do , 2. was , 3. could , 4. their , 5. has