1. Sample Paragraph 1

 A. Even as Indians leftists think Bill Clinton is coming to take over India, Indian companies are preparing to take over American ones on a gargantuan scale.
 B. Now Infosys and Wipro propose of Rs 54,000 crore each.
 C. To put this in perspective, recall that when Chandan sold his Parle brands to Coca-Cola amidst much swadeshi wringing of hands, he got a repoted Rs 200 crore.
 D. Infosys and Wipro, our two most glamorous infotech companies, both want automatic permission from FIPB to take over foreign companies worth – hold your breath – $ 15 billion each.

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 A, D, C, B
2. Sample Paragraph 2

 A. Over the years, I have had the opportunities to observe and understand the thought processes behind the ads that have been flooding both the print and the TV media.
 B. Although there is a huge shift in the quality of ads that we come across on a daily basis– thanks essentially to improvement in technology–I somehow can’t help but feel that the quality of communication of the message has become diluted.
 C. Proportionally, the number of ads that lack in quality, have gone up exponentially as well!!
 D. There is an increasing attempt by most companies to be seen as cool and funky.
 E. Another reason could be the burgeoning number of companies, which means an exponential increase in the number of ads that are being made.

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 A, B, D, E, C
3. Sample Paragraph 3

 A.   I suggested that Ford should buy up a company called NCP, which owned most of the car parks in the city centres throughout the UK.
 B. We were discussing competing in the European market.
 C. If NCP became a Ford company, a notice could be placed at the entrance to all city centres car parks indicating that only Ford cars could use them.
 D. At one time I was giving a seminar for the British marketing department of Ford, the biggest Ford operation outside of Detroit.

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D, B, A, C